Nyoka the Jungle Girl Comic

Nyoka the Jungle Girl
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    Nyoka the Jungle Girl 1945

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This title makes an obvious attempt to pattern itself after the cliffhanger serials of the 1930''s and 1940''s, of which two of them centered around the Nyoka character. The stories in this comic run are divided into chapters and at the end of each chapter Nyoka is almost always in deadly peril, just like in the films. Ch. 1 cliffhanger ending - The ship Nyoka is on explodes. Ch. 2 ending - This one is hardly a real cliffhanger ending. King High just tells his partner that Nyoka and her friends will not get off the island alive. Ch. 3 cliffhanger ending - Nyoka is trapped in a large net while natives with spears approach.

Nyoka the Jungle Girl chapters (issues)